Health care news from around the web: Oct. 2 – 6, 2017

Written on Oct 06, 2017

Health care companies aim to convert partisan gridlock into progress
In a rare show of solidarity, health care providers and insurers united against the latest Republican attempt to dismantle the ACA, which has stalled. Now they are hoping to build on that teamwork.

Digital health investments maintain steady pace in Q3, surpassing last year’s total
Digital health investments exceeded last year’s total by $100 million with a full quarter left to go. Coming off a torrid first half of 2017 that saw unprecedented investment in digital health, third-quarter funding was more modest, but it was enough to push past record-setting totals in 2015.

CDC eyes blockchain for exchanging health data during disasters
Health care researchers have suggested blockchain technology as a way to securely manage patients' electronic records, track pharmaceuticals and support research for clinical trials. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is experimenting with the distributed ledger technology to monitor the spread of infectious diseases.

CPAs satisfied as average salary tops six figures
Two-thirds of CPAs based in the United States are satisfied with their current salary, and more than four-fifths expect to be earning more within a year, according to a new survey by the AICPA.

Tech Corner - The coolest features in iOS 11
Apple's iOS 11, its latest and greatest mobile operating system, arrives on iPhone and iPad. And it brings a slew of productivity features that let you do more with your Apple device.

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