$10 million in rebates goes unclaimed

Written on Oct 12, 2017

If your business received a fat BWC rebate check, but you don’t remember depositing it, it might be time to check your seat cushions and junk drawers.

About $10 million in rebates have gone uncashed from 5,500 employers, the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation reported this week.

That money is the third $1 billion in rebates made possible in the past four years by the BWC program, a result the bureau credits to an improving safety climate, good fiscal management and better-than-expected investment returns.

Some of the checks already expired Oct. 10, with others set to expire Oct. 18. The checks are only valid for 95 days, but the BWC said they will re-issue new checks for employers who have yet to cash them. One employer is reportedly sitting on a check totaling $203,000, and 152 are at least $10,000.

The Workers Comp rebates were proposed back in March, with most rebates expected to be about 66% of what the employer paid in 2016 workers’ comp premiums. The rebate can be used however the employer wishes.

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