Small business news from around the web: Oct. 2 – 6, 2017

Written on Oct 13, 2017

10 things your small business data breach response plan must have
If you’re a small business looking to make the wise move of implementing a data breach response plan into the culture of your business, here are 10 things that every small business data breach response plan should include.

Health benefit offers from small businesses keep vanishing
Only half of America’s smallest businesses now offer health coverage to their workers because many say steady cost increases have made it too expensive to afford a benefit that nearly all large employers still provide.

U.S. loses jobs for first time in seven years as hurricanes buffet market
The US jobs market stalled in September, losing 33,000 jobs, as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma took their toll. It was the first time in seven years that the U.S. monthly total had recorded a fall.

Stories from entrepreneurs in SBA’s most-funded businesses
Businesses in some industries fare better than others when seeking SBA loan approval. A study analyzed SBA loan trends, including defaults and approval rates. Here are five of the 20 fastest-growing businesses in loan approvals from 2001 through 2016 — and stories from borrowers who made the cut.

Tech Corner – Moving the cloud closer to the business
We will soon reach the point where connectivity to cloud resources is going to become a serious issue in terms of real-time computing functions. So, how do we bring the cloud closer to us?


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