Knowing yourself is key to great leadership

Written on Oct 19, 2017

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Before you can be a great leader, you must know yourself. And getting to know herself better was a highlight of the recent AICPA Leadership Academy for Jessie Wright, CPA.

Jessie Wright with certificate“When you’re fine-tuning your skills, it makes you feel better,” said Wright, a supervisor at Schroedel, Scullin & Bestic. “It’s confidence that I’m putting in the time to be the best leader I can.”

Wright spoke to us in August about what she was looking forward to learning after she was accepted into the four-day program. She said her experience in North Carolina didn’t disappoint.

“It was amazing,” she said.

Wright said the program began with exercises for the group to focus on themselves as leaders, and transitioned into thinking about the workplace and then the accounting profession.

“You have to work on yourself to be the best you can and then help the company you work for, the people you’re around and the profession at-large,” Wright said.

She said she appreciated the investment AICPA made in the group as individuals and also enjoyed hearing about similar experiences others in the group had. They shared ideas on how they handled stress, work-life balance and more.

“These are the leaders of our profession from around the country and we all had similar struggles we were facing,” she said.

And the lessons she learned isn’t something she’ll soon forget, Wright said. The attendees left with concrete steps to immediately apply to the areas they want to grow in, and Wright said she’s already seeing improvements in herself. Wright’s already shared some of the exercises from the program with the internal group at SSB that trains future leaders.

“It gave me a lot of tools to bring back and share with the team,” she said. “Now that I’m back in the office I get the honor to guide, mentor and have an impact on others, and I’m excited about that.”

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