Ohio Business Gateway update: All together for the Gateway

Written on Oct 19, 2017

The following was provided by the Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team.

A new and improved Gateway is closer to becoming a reality, and the transformation has taken a lot of work from many people around Ohio.

The Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project is a collaboration between state agencies to make filing taxes and completing other transactions with the state easier and more efficient for Ohio’s businesses. It has taken coordination and effort to modernize a system that collects more than $13 billion through 100+ transactions for seven state agencies.

The Gateway Modernization Project has not been an effort undertaken solely by the state, however. Members of the business – and specifically the CPA – community have been included in the Modernization Project from the beginning. Whether it was participating in a “kick-the-tires” session to test drive the modernized Gateway, providing input about the eventual look and feel of the system through surveys or serving on the Gateway Modernization Project’s steering committee, it has taken a significant contribution from the business community to make the project a success.

As the modernized Gateway approaches go-live, this partnership across state government and members of the business community will continue through system testing and ongoing communications.

For information about what to expect when the modernized Gateway goes live, visit business.ohio.gov/gatewaymodernization. For questions about the Gateway Modernization Project, email gatewaycommunications@governor.ohio.gov.

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