Business and industry news from around the web: Oct. 16 – 20, 2017

Written on Oct 20, 2017

No workers' comp for immigrants here illegally, GOP bill in Ohio says
Two Ohio representatives have introduced a bill to prevent immigrants working here illegally from receiving benefits if they are injured on the job.

State may cut jobless benefits, raise employer insurance premiums
Jobless benefits may be cut and employer insurance premiums hiked under a new plan to shore up Ohio’s broken unemployment compensation fund.

SEC endorses simplification of disclosure rules
The SEC has moved a step closer toward lightening the compliance burden on public companies by simplifying disclosure requirements.

How to buy cyber insurance
Deciding how much cyber insurance to buy is no trivial matter, and the responsibility rests with the CFO.

Tech Corner - Virtual reality’s desktop dalliance
The hardware landscape for virtual reality evolved dramatically. Perhaps the most interesting development was both Microsoft and Facebook demonstrating desktop modes within their VR environments that showed both the promise of productivity in VR and the challenges it faces on the road to broader adoption.

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