Health care news from around the web: Oct. 16 – 20, 2017

Written on Oct 20, 2017

3 facts about the big ACA subsidy that might vanish now
Trump administration officials shook health insurers, and health care providers, late Thursday by announcing they will cut off ACA cost-sharing reduction subsidy program payments. Here's a look at what agents, brokers and other financial professionals need to know.

Children’s Health Insurance Program funding and structure vary significantly by state
Over the past decade, federal allotments for CHIP have grown, but funding differs widely across states. CHIP is administered according to federal rules, but states have flexibility with premium levels, benefits and how to operate the program.

Backers of Ohio drug price issue to air documentary in 6 cities
The frustrated promoter of an Ohio ballot initiative aimed at lowering prescription drug prices says his campaign plans to air an hour-long documentary around the state so voters can get a complete and accurate picture of what’s being proposed.

More than 100 lawmakers urge CMS to rethink long-term care requirements
More than 120 House Representatives have joined in signing a letter that asks the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to “re-evaluate” the requirements of participation for long-term care providers.

Tech Corner - Virtual reality’s desktop dalliance
The hardware landscape for virtual reality evolved dramatically. Perhaps the most interesting development was both Microsoft and Facebook demonstrating desktop modes within their VR environments that showed both the promise of productivity in VR and the challenges it faces on the road to broader adoption.

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