New quick alert message for e-Services users

Written on Nov 01, 2017

The IRS has made most user applications for e-File, Transcript Delivery Systems and the AIR Transmitter Control Code available. IRS e-Services was recently moved to a new platform, which will bring an improved look and feel to the applications.

All users except for state users may now submit new or change existing applications. Restoring state access to applications and to extracts is a priority. Meanwhile, states may submit critical changes by contacting their IRS Government Liaison.

This technology upgrade took longer than anticipated. The IRS apologizes for the inconvenience this has caused. The IRS also has added additional personnel to the e-Help Desk to assist with applications questions and processing.

The IRS also announced that the move of e-Services to a new identity proofing process called Secure Access currently is on hold while the agency reviews vendor options.

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