Centralized collection tops October news

Written on Nov 02, 2017

Centralized collection of municipal net profits taxes remains a hot topic among OSCPA members and reigned supreme on the most read story list for October.

Other highlights included multiple stories on muni net profits tax, donations to The Ohio CPA Foundation through the Big Give and preparing for not-for-profit financial reporting.

10. Accounting isn’t safe from gender bias

9. Preparing for new not-for-profit financial reporting

8. Ohio Business Gateway update: All together for the Gateway

7. Society testimony addresses residency test, PEO audit issue

6. Record-breaking donations to The Big Give

5. Be a leader today by modeling your values

4. Treasury dropping regs CPAs say are burdensome

3. Businesses encouraged to register for muni net profits tax

2. Registration opens for muni net profit tax

1. Cities escalate centralized collection lawsuit threat

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