How one firm started embracing meaningful moments

Written on Nov 02, 2017

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

There are certain moments in life you get one shot at doing right. Welcoming a new employee on their first day is one of them.

Miranda Hawk“When starting a new job, you want to feel really good about your decision because that’s a big moment of change,” said Miranda Hawk, business development manager at Brixey & Meyer in Dayton.

After Hawk listened to the Learning Leader podcast episode, “The Power of Defining Moments,” she knew there was an opportunity to take Brixey & Meyer’s “defining moments,” such as the first day on the job, to the next level. The firm has had multiple acquisitions over the past few years, and more people added to the team meant an opportunity to enhance the first-day experience for newcomers.

She shared the podcast episode with other department leaders, who agreed that, although their current approach was strong, more could be done to welcome new employees.

“The one thing we were missing was that ‘I’m so excited to be here’ moment,” Hawk said.

Some of their new efforts include a personalized message on the front office screens for the new employee, and making sure more team members were available to welcome them at the door and introduce them to the rest of the office.

Though the first day is important, it is just as crucial to keep that welcoming and inclusive feeling for the first week, month and 90 days on the job.

“What’s really great is for the entire team to be on board,” Hawk said. “We’re already a progressive-thinking firm anyway, and we’re trying to be better and do things to make our employees happier.”

She said Brixey & Meyer continues to recognize employees for achievements in ways they prefer to be recognized, because in that situation one size does not fit all. Hawk said it’s important to constantly tweak and make sure the method makes sense for the organization. And she pointed out that even if an idea might not seem groundbreaking, simply following through on ways to make staff feel welcomed, recognized and included can go a long way toward improving overall happiness at the company.

“We’re growing, so we’re putting ourselves in other people’s shoes more often and asking how can I make this experience better?” Hawk said. “That could be customer-facing or it could be internal. We’re constantly thinking about that and how to make simple ideas come to fruition.”


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  1. Tony Schock | Nov 12, 2017
    Excellent!  Keep up the good work!
  2. David Brinker | Nov 09, 2017
    great story................everyone thinks about it, but you folks do it. Hats off to you

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