Business and industry news from around the web: Nov. 13 – 17, 2017

Written on Nov 15, 2017

Blockchain enhances security while decreasing friction
Cyber security, like physical security, is always a trade-off. We need to have a system that is secure enough to keep out intruders, while not making it so difficult to get in that legitimate users stay away from it. Blockchain to the rescue!

Could driverless tech mean thousands of Ohio trucking jobs lost?
Truck drivers could face major changes as the industry develops new automated, driverless technology. The technology is coming, according to researchers and trucking industry experts. But they also debate whether or not drivers could lose jobs or how their role behind the wheel might change.

Large Business and International launches compliance campaigns
The IRS Large Business and International division has announced the identification and selection of 13 campaigns. LB&I is moving toward issue-based examinations and a compliance campaign process in which the organization decides which compliance issues that present risk require a response.

Key differences between the Senate and House tax plans
Senate Republicans unveiled a tax-reform bill that breaks with the House in significant ways, taking into account various objections from constituents and special interest groups to the House plan. If the House Republican bill was a first draft of tax reform, the Senate bill is the first rewrite.

Tech Corner - Eavesdropper bug exposes millions of texts, calls
The vulnerability was introduced when developers hard coded their credentials in mobile apps using the Twilio Rest API or SDK for communications services.

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