Time to staff up for a successful 2018

Written on Nov 16, 2017

We know that finding top talent is one of your most pressing challenges. The OSCPA Career Center is designed to attract the best candidates and give you the resources to quickly and effectively identify those most qualified to fill your needs.


  • A pool of more than 2,000 active job seekers; browse resumes of a variety of qualified candidates
  • Questionnaires for recruiters to use for quick evaluation of candidate’s qualifications and relevant experience
  • Career Connections newsletter sent bi-weekly to job seekers highlighting open positions
  • Social media promotion of OSCPA Career Center job postings
  • Option to promote on additional job boards to maximize your search
  • Search management functionality to help you organize your hiring effort
  • Internal messaging system that automatically stores candidate communication to their file within your Career Center employer account

The Career Center portal allows you to connect with both active and passive seekers who are searching for their next big career move. Use the OSCPA Career Center to help you find:

  • Full or part-time staff
  • Temporary staff
  • Contract help
  • Interns

OSCPA members enjoy discounts on a variety of job posting packages. To begin your search for qualified candidates through OSCPA’s Career Center, click here to create an account.

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