Ohio Business Gateway update: Growing the Gateway

Written on Nov 30, 2017

The following was provided by the State of Ohio's Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team.

The Ohio Business Gateway is moving to a new, more scalable salesforce technology platform as a part of its Modernization Project. This shift will have positive impacts for business users and the state, resulting in an improved ability to add new transactions and Service Areas to the Gateway.

The new technology on which the modernized Gateway is built will make it much easier to add new transactions and filings. Adding a new transaction or even onboarding a new state agency to the Gateway can now be done using scalable, repeatable components, rather than spending hours developing custom code for each new transaction.

Creating the potential to further centralize the numerous interactions that Ohio businesses undertake with the state will reduce the time CPAs and other tax professionals spend filing transactions on behalf of their clients. As more state agencies use the Gateway as the portal through which they interact with Ohio’s citizens and businesses, the time spent navigating to different state websites, re-entering information and maintaining records in different places will decrease, leaving more time for businesses to focus on what they do best.

The Gateway Modernization Project is making doing business in Ohio easier and more efficient in many ways. For more information about the Gateway Modernization Project, visit business.ohio.gov. For questions about the Gateway Modernization Project, email gatewaycommunications@governor.ohio.gov.

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