Small business news from around the web: Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, 2017

Written on Nov 30, 2017

7 low-tech success secrets for small businesses
Sometimes the best business solution is low-tech or even no-tech. Entrepreneurs, especially young startup entrepreneurs, may forget (or never knew) the greater impact a personal approach can have. Here are seven no tech/low tech skills every small business owner should master.

Successful entrepreneurs are 'ideal clients' for accountants
For all sorts of professionals, successful business owners are very often “ideal clients.” Not only are successful businesses the primary source of private wealth creation, successful business owners require and seek out an often-broad array of expertise. For successful entrepreneurs, their accountants are regularly their primary “go to” professionals.

Ohio cities challenge state’s takeover of local taxes
A coalition of more than 100 Ohio municipalities are challenging the legality of a provision in Gov. Kasich’s two-year budget bill that allows business owners to file tax returns with the state rather than the villages or cities where they do business.

Millennials now make up largest workforce generation in U.S.
Millennials are now the largest workforce generation in the U.S., and almost half of them work in business and professional services while a third are in financial activities, according to a new survey geared toward small businesses.

Tech Corner - Tech-training apprenticeship expanding to Ohio, 3 other states
A nonprofit apprenticeship that puts novices in junior software and technology jobs is expanding to Ohio with the help of a $7.5 million federal grant. The program will set up chapters in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, but the office locations and local hiring partners are not yet announced.

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