IRS e-Services goes live with new identity proof process

Written on Dec 11, 2017

As of Dec. 10, all IRS e-Services users must now register through a new, more rigorous identity proofing process called "Secure Access."

Any e-Services user who has not previously created a Secure Access account through Get Transcript Online, IP PIN tool, View Balance or by exception processing in recent days must validate their identity through the new, more rigorous process. This also includes all TIN Matching users and users who received Letter 5903 last December and authenticated by telephone.

This new process is not optional on the part of the IRS or its online users. The IRS said it was required to make the change to meet federal information system standards. Additionally, cybercriminals increasingly are targeting tax professionals to steal e-Services usernames and passwords, putting taxpayer data at risk.

In recent years, the IRS authenticated each e-Services user individually, requesting name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, adjusted gross income and filing status. The IRS said that limited amount of information is no longer enough to meet federal information system standards. Users will continue to be authenticated as individuals.

Secure Access:

  • Strengthens the initial identity proofing process to make sure the person registering is who they say they are.
  • Strengthens security through a two-factor authentication process for returning users that helps prevent account takeover by cybercriminals. Two-factor authentication means you must have your credentials (username and password) plus a security code sent to your mobile phone or generated by your IRS2Go app each time you log in.

Once you have authenticated your identity and established a Secure Access account for e-Services, there is no further action required. Please note: Under Secure Access, you can no longer script the login process.

Learn more about the steps you must take to successfully complete the Secure Access process, alternatives to online processing and how to use the IRS2Go app. See Important Update about Your e-Services Account at

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