Bouncing back big in December

Written on Jan 04, 2018

Resiliency: It’s the element that gets laws passed, Midwesterners out the door on brutally cold mornings and CPAs confidently braced for the impending tax season.

It’s also a common thread in our most-read stories in the Month of December. That starts at #10 (in which Corporate Energy Expert Kathy Parry talks about ways to build your resiliency) and continues to the top of the list (one of several popular pieces on federal tax reform):

10. What a rubber band can teach us about resiliency

9. Endowment fund honors longtime OSCPA member

8. How blockchain is transforming accounting

7. Certified: A new series on the CPA exam coming soon

6. What CPAs need to know: Career trends in 2018

5. Accountants, researchers find ethics lessons in former CPA’s fraud experience

4. Taxpayers to take a hit from city lawsuit

3. Tax reform bill signed into law

2. Cities seek to block needed reforms

1. Tax reform bill faces more hurdles after Senate approval

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