Business and industry news from around the web: Jan. 8 – 12, 2018

Written on Jan 11, 2018

3 emerging trends in labor and employment law for 2018
Laws affecting inquiries into the criminal histories of job applicants and workplace drug testing are among the issues manufacturers will grapple with in 2018.

Investing for soft skills: Build, buy or both
What differentiates high performers from the rest is the soft skills that create alignment, connection and joint purpose. But when should you invest in building those skills versus hiring for them?

Brace yourself for AI and blockchain
Both AI and blockchain have the potential to help accountants actually boost their revenue, their relevance and their value — provided they’re willing to develop the necessary skills, and change their mindsets.

Disrupting the private company audit
Breakthrough innovations like augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain have the potential to disrupt commercial markets and impact many areas of a company’s business. What many companies don’t realize, however, is that audit is taking advantage of innovation and they can benefit from that in the audit process.

Tech Corner - How to use blockchain: 10 use cases
While the most obvious application for blockchain is to process financial transactions, enterprises and vendors are exploring lots of other uses for the technology. Here is a look at 10 of these possible blockchain use cases in greater detail.

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