Ohio Business Gateway update: streamlined checkout

Written on Jan 11, 2018

The following was provided by the State of Ohio's Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team.

The Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project is focused on making doing business in Ohio easier and more efficient. One improvement business users will see on the modernized Gateway is a streamlined and more intuitive transaction checkout and payment process. Improvements to the process are a direct result of feedback that was gathered from CPAs, tax professionals and other business users throughout the course of the Modernization Project.

In the modernized Gateway, notifications will guide business users through the checkout process. Red notifications, like notifications on cell phones, will display the number of transactions that are ready to begin the checkout process on the “Ready for Checkout” tab of the Business Dashboard.

After transactions have been added to the cart, a red notification displaying the number of transactions in the cart will appear next to the “Cart” button on the Gateway.

This new feature will streamline the checkout process and make it much more intuitive. Business users will be able to immediately see on their Business Dashboard how many transactions are ready to be checked out and paid for.

Additionally, business users will no longer have to “check out” transactions that do not require payment to file them. In the modernized Gateway, if no payment is needed to complete a transaction, business users need only click the “Accept” button on the last page of the transaction to file and complete it.

Watch this video for a preview of how the new checkout and payment process will work on the modernized Gateway.

For more information about the Gateway Modernization Project, visit business.ohio.gov. For questions about the Gateway Modernization Project, email gatewaycommunications@governor.ohio.gov.

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