Nonprofit news from around the web: Jan. 15 – 19, 2018

Written on Jan 17, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting nonprofit news items from around the web.

Commentary: Too many nonprofit boards lack diversity. It's a problem that can be fixed.
At a time when only 61.3% of Americans are white, about 84% of nonprofit board members are in that demographic group, along with 90% of nonprofit board chairs.

Groundbreaking NYC law facilitates workplace donations to wage justice nonprofits
A hybrid of union dues collection and workplace solicitation programs, crossed with a bit of rage fundraising, has cropped up in New York, where a groundbreaking law passed last year allows workers to request that money be taken out of their paychecks and donated to nonprofits that advocate for them.

Direct mail continues driving planned giving
The national office of the Make-A-Wish Foundation has seen revenue from planned gifts just about triple during the past four years. The CFO credits at least part of that success to actively promoting the planned giving program, whether it’s including a mention in direct mail or active online campaigns.

FASB project update
FASB has updated the following project summary on its website: Revenue recognition of grants and contracts by NFP entities.

Tech Corner - How to tell if you need a new iPhone battery
If your iPhone seems slow, but you’re not sure if it’s slow enough to warrant an upgrade, these steps may help you decide.

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