Best mobile apps for professional development

Written on Jan 25, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager


Has your cell phone become a scrolling social media time pirate? Instead, use it for professional development with apps that help you do everything from prep for an upcoming interview to strengthening your network.

How it helps: Expand your learning

Being a well-rounded professional means having multiple skills you can tap into and talk about with others. Curious can help you with skills like public speaking, web development and graphic design, among countless others. The app starts with an interview asking how much additional time a day you’d like to spend learning, ranging from five to 30 minutes. You’ll then receive a personalized learning “workout” from the app every day challenging you to flex your learning muscles by watching instructional videos, reading and more.

How it helps: Grow and strengthen your network

Using Bond can help you keep track and maintain relationships with your long list of professional contacts. Always forgetting to schedule lunch dates? Bond will help you stay up to date with your professional connections by setting reminders and allows you to integrate LinkedIn and other platforms. The days of acquiring as many business cards as possible at a networking event are over, it’s more beneficial to strengthen connections you’ve already made.

Interview Buzz
How it helps: Prep for a job interview

If you’re not interested in using flashcards, use Interview Buzz to help you prepare for your next interview with more than 50 commonly asked questions sorted into categories. The app also offers additional interview insights such as appropriate attire, dining etiquette and interview do’s and don’ts.

How it helps: Find your perfect culture fit

Good&Co describes itself as a ‘matchmaker-slash-headhunter” for those on the job hunt. You take a personality test to discover your strengths and it finds a company that fits best with your results. It also offers insight into how you work with others to help strengthen your relationship with coworkers. If you’re looking for a company and culture that gives you more than the typical 9 to 5, this app is for you.

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