Don’t forget your tax books for tax season!

Written on Jan 25, 2018

As a member of OSCPA, be sure to take advantage of the discount on helpful guidebooks to help you navigate tax season through Wolters Kluwer. Some of the products available to members at a discounted price:

Cannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook │ $50

  • Addresses both federal and state tax guidance on the taxation of marijuana, cannabis, or related products.
  • Provides an overview of federal taxation policies related to cannabis, specifically Code Sec. 280E and any issues therein related.
  • State-by-state survey of how marijuana or cannabis is taxed and how manufacturers, distributors and retailers of cannabis are taxed differently.

Tax Legislation 2017: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Conference Report │$80

  • Reproduces the full text of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Joint Explanatory Statement of the Conference Committee for the act, explaining the current law, the changes made, and when each of these changes will go into effect.

A Personal Guide to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What it Means for You │ $49.99

  • With the reduction in effective tax rates, the elimination of some deductions, exclusions, and credits coupled with the enhancement of other deductions and credits, individual taxpayers are going to be required to navigate a different maze in making decisions to maximize their tax benefits and minimize their tax liability.
  • This publication provides individuals with easy-to-understand guidance on all the provisions of the act that directly affect them.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Law, Explanation and Analysis │ $80

  • Providing practitioners with a single integrated source for law and explanation of the tax provisions of important 2017 tax legislation. The 2017 LEA includes the complete text of amended laws, Congressional reports, and detailed explanations, complete with analysis and practitioner comments covering the tax provisions and landmark Tax Reform legislation.

And more! Use code USTP-BLYY5561 at check out to apply OSCPA member savings.

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