OSCPA members unimpressed – or worse – with government shutdown

Written on Jan 25, 2018

Last week’s Quick Poll on the government shutdown drew some scathing responses:

“Americans have paid for party battles for many years,” one respondent wrote.

“Another paid vacation from government workers,” opined another. And finally, the three-day shutdown prompted one respondent to conclude that “our government is a joke,” though apparently not one many were laughing at.

Overall, 44% of those asked what their response to the shutdown replied, “Meh. It’s all been done before,” while about a third agreed the shutdown is a symptom of serious problems in government. Interestingly, nobody said “it warrants attention, but not lost sleep.”

As always, our Quick Poll results are non-scientific, and wagering is strongly discouraged. However, please do not let that prevent you from voting this week. The question: Are you expecting a bigger paycheck in February as a result of tax reform?


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