January’s top news: Centralized filing rollout dominates

Written on Feb 01, 2018

The launch of Ohio’s new, optional municipal tax filing and collection system dominated both our coverage and readers’ interest in January. Other popular pieces outlined the reduction in the C Corp tax rate, uncertainty over marijuana enforcement and Ohio’s tax amnesty program.

Without further ado, here are the top-ten most read stories from CPA Takeaways in January.

10. For ACAP grad, PhD means more than teaching

9. First IRS guidance after tax reform focuses on repatriation

8. Spectre, Meltdown bug impacts nearly every computing device (Yes, even yours)

7. ODT offering tax amnesty

6. The TED Talks that will make 2018 your best year yet

5. Marijuana questions abound after AG rescinds guidance

4. Businesses encouraged to opt-in for centralized collection

3. C Corp tax rate drops to 21% – is now the time to revisit choice of entity?

2. Spread the word: Centralized filing registration is up and running

1. Centralized filing update: myths persist

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