Tax news from around the web: Feb. 5 - 9

Written on Feb 05, 2018

IRS fell short on verifying W-2 info before issuing refunds
The IRS’ efforts last year to safeguard against identity theft by asking employers to file W-2 forms earlier and holding tax refunds longer if taxpayers claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit didn’t always work, according to a new report.

Most home-equity loan borrowers don’t understand how Trump’s tax code affects them
Homeowners with home equity loans might be reaping the benefits of deducting interest paid in 2017, but they shouldn’t get used to it.

Tech Corner - 3 ways technology will revolutionize transportation in the next decade
The most powerful factor that's going to transform society over the next decade is going to be the revolution in transportation. From self-driving taxis and tractor trailers to autonomous flying drones to hyperloop, we're about to witness a series of a massive disruptions.

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