Dayton Accounting Show

Written on Feb 06, 2018

May 16-17, 2018 | Sinclair Community College

Embrace the opportunities before you by equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to transform your business and career at the Dayton Accounting Show.

This is your opportunity to gather with peers to exchange ideas and invest in your professional development. Explore core updates in tax or A&A while accelerating your learning in emerging disciplines:

  • Accounting & finance leadership
  • Strategic management
  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Technology application and risk management
  • Technical finance & accounting skills
  • A&A risk management
  • Professional skills
  • Tax planning & risk management
  • Trends to watch
  • Tax compliance
  • A&A compliance
Prepare for the challenges ahead by:

  • Digging into breaking regulatory changes.
  • Engaging with vendors and discovering solutions that can help you grow personally or professionally.
  • Connecting with other accounting professionals and building your professional network.
Register today! Attend in person or via webcast.

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