Health care news from around the web: Feb. 5 – 9, 2018

Written on Feb 08, 2018

With time, costs grow for Medicaid expansion beneficiaries
Enrollees show signs of pent-up demand with acute healthcare needs early in their enrollment, but over time costs increase substantially and shift toward chronic care. Spending for the Medicaid expansion population increased steadily over time for beneficiaries who remained enrolled in the program, according to a new analysis.

Here's how Amazon could disrupt health care (Part 2)
Here’s a quick glimpse of how Amazon’s consumer focus, technological prowess, operational efficiency, strategic patience and successful history of turning internal solutions into platforms for new businesses might accelerate the long-needed transformation of healthcare.

Are your 2018 benefit changes legally effective?
ERISA requires that benefit plans contain formal procedures for the adoption of amendments to the plan, including the underlying benefit programs. However, many employers routinely implement annual changes to their health and welfare benefit programs simply through the reissuance of benefit booklets without adhering to formal amendment procedures.

Andy Slavitt launches push for affordable health care
Andy Slavitt, the former UnitedHealth Group executive who led implementation of the federal health law during the Obama administration, has launched a nonprofit that aspires to break through the partisan logjam to find consensus on access to affordable health care.

Tech Corner - 3 ways technology will revolutionize transportation in the next decade
The most powerful factor that's going to transform society over the next decade is going to be the revolution in transportation. From self-driving taxis and tractor trailers to autonomous flying drones to hyperloop, we're about to witness a series of a massive disruptions.

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