Tax news from around the web: Feb. 12 – 16, 2018

Written on Feb 11, 2018

Tax bill's implications for retirement planning
For the most part, tax laws relating to retirement plans and retirement planning were left alone in the new tax act. Here is a summary of changes that directly impact retirement planning, as well as a general discussion on the overall impact of the new tax bill on retirement planning.

Budget deal revives expired individual tax breaks for homeowners, students and environmentalists
In a massive budget deal passed Feb. 9, Congress has bestowed surprise tax breaks on homeowners, students and greenies. There are tax breaks for mortgage insurance premiums, higher-education expenses, energy-efficient home-improvement projects and more.

Tech Corner: Over 12,000 business websites leveraged for cybercrime
More than 12,300 websites in the business category were used to launch cyberattacks or deliver malware in 2017, making company sites riskier than gambling and shopping sites. Attackers are abusing people's trust in popular sites to launch consistent and effective malware campaigns.

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