Small business news from around the web: Feb. 12 – 16, 2018

Written on Feb 15, 2018

What small business owners need to know about AWS
Amazon Web Services isn't just for the mega corporations. Much of what AWS offers can also be used by small businesses seeking a way to offload the complexities of managing software or their own infrastructure.

Small business IT spending to pass $600 billion in 2018: IDC
IDC expects SMBs to spend the most on devices, including personal computing devices, peripherals, and mobile phones.

Why you might want to wait to offer your employees tax-related bonuses and raises
Small business owners may want to hand out bonuses and raises now that there's a new tax law, but many don't know if they'll have any wealth to share.

How can survey tools benefit your small business?
Surveys have gotten a bad name in the past. However, in today’s internet world, businesses can utilize surveys much more efficiently as they have become much easier to dispense and take.

Tech Corner: Over 12,000 business websites leveraged for cybercrime
More than 12,300 websites in the business category were used to launch cyberattacks or deliver malware in 2017, making company sites riskier than gambling and shopping sites. Attackers are abusing people's trust in popular sites to launch consistent and effective malware campaigns.

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