Tax news from around the web: Feb. 19 - 23

Written on Feb 19, 2018

Trump's reciprocal tax: What it is and how it could affect you
As President Trump advances his agenda to level the playing field for U.S. companies, he floated the possibility of enacting a “reciprocal tax” on other nations, including allies.

New hedge-fund tax dodge triggers wild rush back into Delaware
Since late 2017, hedge fund managers have created numerous shell companies in Delaware, corporate America’s favorite tax jurisdiction. These limited liability companies share a common goal: dodging new tax rules for carried-interest profits through a bit of deft legal paperwork.

Tech Corner – Video: What’s in my bag? Power essentials
Marc Staut, a principal with Boomer Consulting, demonstrates some of the best technology and other gadgets he carries in his bag. In this video, he focuses on devices designed to power your computing and other equipment.

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