Financial planning news from around the web: Feb. 19 - 23

Written on Feb 21, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting financial planning news items from around the web.

Private student loan debt: What CPAs need to know
Student loans are one of the hottest financial topics in America right now due to the ever-increasing cost of higher education. This podcast examines what potential borrowers need to know when considering taking out private student loans.

When HNW clients have vastly different approaches to money
The way a couple makes these decisions impacts how they invest, how they work with their advisor, how confident they are about the future and how much they argue about money. And when $1 million or more is at stake, the ramifications are magnified as well.

Galvin's DOL fiduciary rule enforcement triggers industry plea for court decision
Industry opponents of the Labor Department's fiduciary rule are using last week's Massachusetts enforcement action to try to speed up an appeals court decision in their lawsuit.

1.5 million retirees await congressional fix for a pension time bomb: Retirement Scan
Lawmakers agreed to form a congressional committee that would look into multiemployer plans and develop a measure to fix these plans' insolvency woes.

Tech Corner – Video: What’s in my bag? Power essentials
Marc Staut, a principal with Boomer Consulting, demonstrates some of the best technology and other gadgets he carries in his bag. In this video, he focuses on devices designed to power your computing and other equipment.

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