Accounting proves to be an unexpected connection for couple

Written on Feb 22, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

LoveStoryIn honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting Ohio accounting couples the entire month of February. Find out how they met, their first impressions and how accounting factors into their love story. These CPA lovebirds range from newlyweds to those celebrating decades of marriage, so check out the other stories here.

About two years after Patricia and Patrick Ioas were married, Patrick decided to make a change from decades in the manufacturing business to something more stable. His next career was not one his wife expected him to pursue.

Ioas“He told me he wanted to be an accountant, and I said, ‘Are you crazy?’” Patricia said with a laugh. A CPA herself, she worked for Brady Ware at the time.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and didn’t do earlier on in life,” Patrick said. “I’ve always liked numbers and math and keeping track of things.”

He appreciated the opportunities the profession offered and saw how Patricia acted as a trusted advisor to her clients. He eventually took a year off to study accounting full time at Wright State University in 2007, later earning his CPA.

After working for two small firms, Patrick now works for Kentner Sellers in the Dayton area and looks forward to advising clients with key business decisions. Being in the same profession has opened new topics of conversation for the couple.

“In many respects, it’s been really neat and I like that we can talk the lingo,” Patricia said.

It’s especially helpful to have a spouse who understands the demands of accounting during tax season. When Patrick goes to work on Saturdays, Patricia does as well, but at the business she started last fall inspired by his mother.

In the process of caring for Patrick’s aging mother over the years, Patricia and Patrick handled her finances since it fit their professional background. This process gave Patricia pause as she said she wondered how other seniors handle their finances.

“I thought, ‘What do people do that don’t have a Patty and Pat?’” she said.

This motivated Patricia to start Elders Advisory Services, aimed at giving seniors peace of mind for their finances, a commitment she takes to heart.

“When we meet with them, you can almost see the peace of mind we bring on their faces,” she said. “It’s been very rewarding.”

Although their careers keep the couple busy, they also like to travel, ride their bikes and attend University of Dayton basketball games.

“I think we understand each other,” Patricia said. “I understand the challenges he’s facing at work, and we both have a great appreciation for the accounting profession.”

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