Ohio Business Gateway update: Business.ohio.gov gets an upgrade, too

Written on Feb 22, 2018

OBG1802The following was provided by the State of Ohio's Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team.

The Ohio Business Gateway is not the only thing under construction throughout the course of the Modernization Project: Business.ohio.gov is also undergoing a modernization.

The new business.ohio.gov will incorporate the latest design and customer experience standards. It will have a more modern look and feel with larger text and photos, less buttons and more consolidated information. This new design will make the most important information for CPAs and their clients the easiest to find and make the site easier to navigate.

In addition, the search functionality on business.ohio.gov and the Gateway will be integrated, making it more powerful and comprehensive. Instead of having to leave the Gateway to search for information, tutorials or other helpful content, business users can simply type their search terms into the Gateway’s search bar and information housed in both business.ohio.gov and the Gateway will be displayed in the results.

Updating business.ohio.gov to the latest web-design standards is another way that the Gateway Modernization Project is fulfilling its mission of making doing business in Ohio easier and more efficient. For additional information about the Gateway Modernization Project or to sign up to receive email updates, visit business.ohio.gov/gatewaymodernization


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