Business and industry news from around the web: Feb. 19 – 23, 2018

Written on Feb 23, 2018

Are CFOs and auditors too cozy?
The term "familiarity threat" refers to the threat to auditor independence that arises when a CFO or other top executive of a company being audited was formerly employed by the accounting firm conducting the audit. New research tests the willingness of Big-4 managers to adopt a client’s position on a conjectural accounting matter.

How AI is changing contracts
Contracting is a common activity, but it is one that few companies do effectively. It has been estimated that inefficient contracting causes firms to lose between 5% to 40% of value on a given deal, depending on circumstances. But recent technological developments helping companies overcome many of the challenges.

How to retain Millennials with better work-life harmony
Work-life harmony should be a workplace element that is pursued and consistently reevaluated by any organization...especially since Millennials value work-life balance higher than all other job characteristics such as job progression, use of technology, and a sense of meaning at work.

5 common types of back office occupational fraud, and how AI can stop them
What are the most common tactics of employees looking to defraud companies on their expense reports, and how is the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence already helping stop them?

Tech Corner – Video: What’s in my bag? Power essentials
Marc Staut, a principal with Boomer Consulting, demonstrates some of the best technology and other gadgets he carries in his bag. In this video, he focuses on devices designed to power your computing and other equipment.

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