Nonprofit news from around the web: Feb. 25 – March 2

Written on Feb 28, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting nonprofit news items from around the web.

Philanthropy reshaped: Finding new ways to fundraise
As the world changes, so are the elements that encourage donors to give. Here’s how these trends are leading to a philanthropy rethink.

Personalize the donor experience
What if Amazon, Netflix, or Uber were nonprofits that relied on fundraising to function? As odd as the proposition may seem, these companies can teach nonprofits a thing or two about customer engagement and retention.

Nonprofits shift baby boomer businesses to worker ownership in bid for community sustainability
Conversions of businesses to employee ownership don’t just benefit the new employee-owners. They also help business owners who otherwise might find it difficult to find a buyer to cash out.

Nonprofits dragged into Russian efforts to peddle falsehoods on Twitter, salvaged data shows
Russia dragged unwitting nonprofits into its efforts to agitate and confuse American voters online, data shows.

Tech Corner: The problem with today’s driverless car technology is the drivers
Vehicles that aren’t fully autonomous require driver education.

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