CEO: Learning to let go is critical for leaders

Written on Mar 01, 2018

By Gary Hunt, CAE, OSCPA senior content editor

Michael Whitmire admits he “was very much a control freak,” an attribute he used to his advantage early in his career as a CPA and auditor at a Big Four firm.

But years after he co-founded his company, FloQast, he realized he had to change.

“Being a CEO gets harder as you go,” Whitmire said. “It doesn't get any easier. You're working so many hours and you're doing so much stuff and you're wearing a million hats, so it might feel like it can’t get much harder than this. But it's been amazing to me that as we go, my job does get harder. But it gets harder in different ways.

“As we scaled up I realized I didn't have the bandwidth to be a control freak anymore.”

Whitmire joins us on the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight to highlight lessons he has learned moving from staff accountant to business leader. As new requirements – such as public speaking and board relations – were added to his job description, he had to delegate some old ones.

“I learned to hire people who are better than me at whatever their discipline is – that became my rule of thumb,” Whitmire said.

Watch this episode above now to learn more. And for a deeper dive into how to take your career to a higher level, be sure to join us at OSCPA's Strategic Accounting and Finance Summit.

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