OSCPA 2018 Signature Events - Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Cincinnati Accounting Show Sept. 26 - 27

Written on Mar 06, 2018

The 2018 Cincinnati Accounting Show is your one-stop-shop for the learning you need to satisfy your professional standards in tax or A&A while diversifying your knowledge base!


The accounting industry is undergoing rapid disruption. This constant change means that finance teams have to stay current on regulations, processes, product innovation and more... with limited time and resources. How will you keep up?

Join us Sept. 26 - 27 for the Cincinnati Accounting Show and:

  • Learn about new efficiencies and technologies that will help you remain proactive and relevant in the face of transformation.
  • Get inspired with sessions led by subject matter experts representing today's hottest topics in both technical and specialized content areas.
  • Experience learning opportunities emphasizing the involvement of participants in group activities, hands-on collaboration and non-traditional delivery methods.
  • Choose to participate in a workshop focused on coaching skills & leadership for accountants OR data analytics & technology platforms.
  • Discover fun ways to interact on different levels with other attendees - learning doesn't just happen in the classroom!

To learn more and register, visit ohiocpa.com/OAS2018.

Featured Upcoming Events:

Aug. 24 -  Financial Institutions Conference
Aug. 28 -  Accounting Technology Conference
Sept. 18 -  Akron Fall CPE Conference
Sept. 26 - 27 -  Cincinnati Accounting Show
Oct. 17 - 18 - Cleveland Accounting Show
Oct. 24 - Health Care Summit
Nov. 8 - 9 - Columbus Accounting Show
Nov. 16 - Dayton Fall CPE Conference
Dec. 10 - 11 - Mega Tax
Dec. 13 - Northeast Ohio CPE Conference
Dec. 18 - Northwest Ohio CPE Conference
Dec. 19 - Fraud & Forensics - coming soon!

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