OSCPA VP describes micro-learning journey

Written on Mar 08, 2018

By Molly Ryan Kowaleski, content & community manager

The Ohio Society of CPAs has embraced a micro-learning approach to add value to a process many members were doing anyway.

Josh Goldman“Those of us who’ve been in the education business for a long time know that sitting in a chair being lectured to for an hour is not the ideal situation for most people,” writes Josh Goldman, OSCPA’s vice president of learning, at AssociationSuccess.org.

But CPAs must constantly monitor – and often retain – the latest information from the Oval Office to Wall Street and points beyond. So, if hour-long lectures aren’t the most ideal way for them to absorb information quickly, what is?

That’s where micro learning – which consists of standalone, 10-minute videos called Quick Bytes – comes in. OSCPA worked with regulators to add more flexibility and learning best practices to compliance-based education models. The result is an innovative approach that responds to the latest changes in a timely, efficient way.

“The Quick Bytes are responsive to industry issues and condense what CPAs need to know into an ongoing stream of small updates rather than longer programs,” said Goldman.

Now, when a new financial standard is issued, OSCPA can release a micro-learning product addressing the changes and sharing what CPAs need to know within 24 hours. For example, when FASB or GASB issues a pronouncement, OSCPA releases a 10-minute program that gives the CPA what they need know to get started on the topic, Goldman said.

“The Quick Bytes give them an overview of what is happening so they can consider the implications of it for their industry,” he said. “The video explains what the change is, who it affects, when it will be implemented and why the change is occurring.”

After viewing a Quick Byte, CPAs then can decide whether they need to pursue a deeper seminar, workshop or conference, all of which are offered by OSCPA and our partners.

Many CPAs research issues impacting their industry or clients already; Quick Bytes allow them to continue doing so, but also get CPE for it.

“Despite some skeptics, it is being accepted in the CPA world,” said Goldman. “I often say if you can learn something after reading an article in the Harvard Business Review for a few minutes, you can absorb the same amount of information (if not more) from watching a 10-minute video.”

He said OSCPA has learned those who readily embrace the micro-learning format are not necessarily tech-savvy millennials. The younger crowd is enthusiastic about the videos, but seasoned professionals tend to be equally so, which highlights the value the Quick Bytes provide.

“We take the responsibility of becoming a lifelong learning provider seriously,” Goldman said, “which is why the Quick Bytes have become such an integral part of the suite of learning products we offer.”

Learn more at AssociationSuccess.org and watch for more updates from our learning team.

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