Small business news from around the web: March 12 – 16, 2018

Written on Mar 14, 2018

Survey: 44% of professionals lose sleep over work
Sleepless nights caused by work anxiety are taking a heavy toll on employees. According to new research from global staffing firm Accountemps, more than 44% of professionals often lose sleep over work. Common causes of restlessness include an overwhelming workload, a looming business problem and strained coworker relationships.

Tough decisions for pass-throughs
Accountants may face their own Section 199A issues, and if they don’t meet the requirements to qualify for the deduction, they may want to re-examine their entity choice.

The small business death wish: "I don't need a mobile site."
Mobile computing wasn’t any part of your past, but it will dominate your future.

Small business hiring increasing but how much depends on source
According to the Census Bureau, small businesses employ more than half of all workers in the United States, which is why small business hiring is watched closely as a bellwether of the overall economy. So is small business hiring strengthening, or weakening? It depends on who you ask.

Tech Corner: How to check if your password has been stolen
Many websites have leaked passwords. Attackers can download databases of usernames and passwords and use them to “hack” your accounts. This is why you shouldn’t reuse passwords.

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