Speaking skill critical for aspiring leaders

Written on Mar 14, 2018

By Gary Hunt, CAE, senior content editor

Michael Whitmire wasn’t interested in doing any public speaking, but as his career progressed he realized he needed to change.

The former Big Four CPA, who is now co-founder and CEO at FloQast, said speaking is now one of the things he enjoys best about his work.

“One of the first realizations I had is that to raise money for the company I was going to be speaking in front of inventors,” Whitmire said. “Then, when I would go to sell the product I would be speaking in front of customers, and  hopefully we would build a big business and one day I would be speaking in front of our employees and giving them updates on the company.”

Whitmire discusses how he build those speaking skills and more on the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight. He said accountants who want to excel need to expand their professional skillset.

“This is a really interesting topic for me, because I think there is a misconception among accountants that being great at accounting is what's going to get you promoted,” he said. “That's not reality. It's being great at the soft skills that's going to get you promoted.

Watch this episode above now to learn more. And for a deeper dive into how to take your career to a higher level, be sure to join us next week at OSCPA's Strategic Accounting and Finance Summit.


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