Health care news from around the web: March 19 - 23

Written on Mar 22, 2018

82% of health care providers post positive operating margin for most recent fiscal year
Healthcare provider responses from HealthLeaders Media's annual survey indicate an optimistic financial outlook, but warning signs loom.

New bad debt accounting standards likely to remake community benefit reporting
A new accounting standard dramatically narrows what hospitals can report as bad debt, or payments they anticipated but never received. The majority of what used to qualify as bad debt won't be reported as such under new U.S. generally accepted accounting principles, which most health systems started using Jan. 1.

Why the world needs health care innovation now
The health care industry can be difficult for innovation. Innovators in all corners of the health care industry are working to make improvements for patients, practitioners and companies. Here are some of the top reasons health care innovation is needed now.

Why process is U.S. health care’s biggest problem
A lot of money has been spent on information technology in health care with little to show for it. To understand why we must pay a visit to the hospital.

Tech Corner: How to fight the threat of malware on mobile devices
As more people are now using smartphones and tablets to do banking, online payments and access corporate accounts, mobile devices have become a potentially lucrative field and as a result mobile malware is thriving.

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