Nonprofit news from around the web: March 26 – 30, 2018

Written on Mar 27, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting nonprofit news items from around the web.

What nonprofits need to know about blockchain: Humanitarian use cases
Over the past year, blockchain technology has been touted as the miracle solution to all of society’s pressing ailments. This article provides an introduction to blockchain, potential use cases for philanthropic work and suggested steps for examining if it is right for your organization.

Four fundraising ideas to boost your nonprofit development plan
Writing a development plan helps you develop the discipline of looking at what you’ve done well and where you need to improve, setting your sights for the year ahead, and mapping out what you will do to reach your goals. Your development plan should focus on four key areas.

Can corporations inspire social good?
Understanding the strategies needed to catalyze cultural change, as well as the advantages and limits of benefit corporations, are critical in guiding enterprises to inspire social good.

Nonprofit leader’s participation on another board raises questions
A small Catholic university in Florida faced a conflict-of-interest conundrum when students and others petitioned for the removal of CFO because she serves on the board of a gun manufacturer.

Tech Corner: iPhone battery troubles? 3 easy fixes
So, your iPhone doesn't work like it used to. Maybe it has slowed considerably, or it powers off prematurely. The good news: You might not need to splurge for a new device. It could just be your battery.

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