Tax news from around the web: March 26 – 30, 2018

Written on Mar 27, 2018

Job disruption is quickly coming to accounting, too
Automation, AI and robotics are changing the skills and the skill level required of employees in many industries, including retail, transportation and manufacturing. The accounting profession is experiencing similar changes, and the pace and pressure of that change is exploding into a major disruption.

IRS reports 'steep upswing' in taxpayer data thefts from tax preparer offices
The IRS is warning about new efforts to steal taxpayer data from tax professionals in the final weeks of the tax filing season.

Tech Corner: iPhone battery troubles? 3 easy fixes
So, your iPhone doesn't work like it used to. Maybe it has slowed considerably, or it powers off prematurely. The good news: You might not need to splurge for a new device. It could just be your battery.

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