Financial planning news from around the web: April 2 – 6, 2018

Written on Apr 05, 2018

Should advisors offer clients tax planning services?
The new tax law has become a conundrum for financial advisors. Two-thirds of financial advisors surveyed by Financial Planning said that they aren’t offering tax planning services, while one-fifth of those polled during a recent webinar aren’t sure it’s even worth the effort.

Lincoln Financial aims to ‘fully digitize’ financial planning: Exec
President David Berkowitz explains why the firm is updating its 2017 platform and working on a 2019 rollout that will include a robo offering.

Engage employees for successful financial planning
Financial stress is a leading cause of lost productivity, unplanned absences and greater distractions, but benefit utilization of financial wellness programs remain low.

Amazon in wealth management? What about Costco or Target?
Costco. Walmart. Target. Even the local grocery store chain. The list of retailers that could potentially launch a wealth management offering is surprisingly long, as financial advice is commoditized and scaled even further to reach the smallest investor.

Tech Corner - Is your VPN leaking?
Check your virtual private network of choice to see if it's truly private, or if that VPN's middle name is just a suggestion.

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