Professional Primer: The trick to tackling turnover

Written on Apr 05, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Turnover is inevitable in any business, but it’s important to be strategic when employees leave your organization.

Craig Hohnberger“When bad employees for your business and culture are leaving, that’s good turnover,” said Craig Hohnberger, founder of Buji ActionCOACH. “It’s a problem when the best employees are leaving.”

A way to pre-emptively battle turnover is in the hiring process. If your company is hiring the wrong people, it’s not surprising when they eventually leave or are fired. But rarely are you interviewing someone and imagining how you’ll fire them later.

“Unfortunately, most companies recruit based only the skills or years of experience,” he said. “They’re not as intentional about how they’ll fit into the culture and then those bad hires don’t work out.” Instead employers need to consider candidates holistically.

But, like Hohnberger mentioned, an employee leaving your company isn’t always a negative. Some people can bring down morale or work against the culture.

If your company is losing its best employees at an alarming rate, then it’s time to understand the root of the problem.

“If you’re having bad turnover by losing good people and keeping the bad people, then you have to face it,” he said.

Employees leaving because of a lackluster culture is common, Hohnberger said, and – unlike some workplace variables – it’s something employers can fix. But culture doesn’t change overnight, and while you’re fixing it, it’s also important to remember to hold on to your top employees. To do this, Hohnberger suggested getting the top people on board with what your company is working to accomplish. Their enthusiasm and participation will build goodwill among others on staff and communicate the message that although things aren’t perfect, you’re actively working to make them better.

As for businesses that have accepted a high turnover and fail to address their culture, Hohnberger didn’t mince words.

“They will eventually fail, and certainly lose business to their competitors,” he said.

Companies who lament there are no good prospective employees or it’s impossible to keep quality workers aren’t trying hard enough, Hohnberger said.

“There are good people out there looking for a positive place to work,” he said. “If you provide a great environment, great people are going to be attracted to it and they’re going to stay.”

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