Ohio Society of CPAs announces 2018 primary endorsements

Written on Apr 10, 2018

The Ohio Society of CPAs has announced 14 Ohio General Assembly endorsements for the May 8 primary election: 11 running for the Ohio House of Representatives and three candidates for the Ohio Senate. Each of these candidates has at least one primary election opponent.

“With the Ohio legislature facing so many decisions impacting Ohio CPAs and the businesses they serve, it’s important that we champion those candidates who support a healthy, simplified business climate,” said Barbara Benton, CAE, OSCPA’s vice president of governmental relations. “Having the right people at the table is especially important as we work to help drive economic development in our state, and push for positive changes to Ohio tax and other regulatory policies.”

Endorsed Ohio Senate candidates are:

  • District 1: Rob McColley (R-Napoleon)
  • District 13: Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville)
  • District 19: Andy Brenner (R-Powell)

Endorsed Ohio House of Representative candidates are:

  • District 8: Kent Smith (D-Euclid)
  • District 16: David Greenspan (R-Westlake)
  • District 28: Jonathan Dever (R-Cincinnati)
  • District 39: Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton)
  • District 42: Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg)
  • District 47: Derek Merrin (R-Maumee)
  • District 62: Scott Lipps (R-Franklin)
  • District 65: John Becker (R-Cincinnati)
  • District 67: Kris Jordan (R-Ostrander)
  • District 72: Larry Householder (R-Glenford)
  • District 78: Ron Hood (R-Ashville)

OSCPA uses a member-driven process for endorsements. To be eligible for consideration this year, candidates must have a primary election opponent, currently be serving in the Ohio General Assembly, and must have been endorsed by OSCPA at least once in the past four years. Additional factors that are considered include a candidate’s background and experience, philosophy on key business and economic issues, and their working relationship with OSCPA and CPAs in their district.

“Our goal with this process is to help Ohio CPAs identify those candidates who best represent the interests and goals of OSCPA and its members,” said Scott Wiley, president and CEO of The Ohio Society. “We are pleased to publicly recognize these pro-business candidates as they seek to continue their efforts at the Statehouse to make Ohio a better place in which to work, live and raise a family.”

All other Ohio House and Ohio Senate races will be considered after the May 8 Primary Election, along with all Ohio statewide races.


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  1. ghunt | May 08, 2018
    Kathi: OSCPA's endorsements for the November election will be announced late this summer. Thanks for reading!
  2. Kathi | May 08, 2018
    Has the OSCPA decided on endorsing a governor candidate yet?
  3. Greg Saul | Apr 19, 2018
    Yes, OSCPA will make federal endorsements in the late summer/early fall prior to the November 6th General Election. 
  4. Greg | Apr 18, 2018
    Does The Society make endorsements at the Federal level?
  5. Greg Saul | Apr 17, 2018


    Ken, John Becker's campaign did not send the mailer: https://www.facebook.com/BeckerGOP/posts/10210835760241662

    The attack mailers are coming from the Kentucky-based Growth and Opportunity PAC and they are targeting nearly a dozen Ohio House Republican primaries around the state, not just Becker's race. 

  6. Bill Morand | Apr 15, 2018
    I am not sure I understand.  Above you say that to be eligible for consideration candidates must "currently be serving in the Ohio General Assembly and must have been endorsed by the OSCPA at least once in the last four years"  Thank God for term limits! Probably smart way to get their support but then we are part of the swamp.
  7. SW | Apr 13, 2018
    These endorsements seem pointless. 
  8. Barb Benton | Apr 13, 2018

    Chris:   Thank you for pointing out the fact that OSCPA considers only a candidate's position on business issues - never social issues.  Every voter naturally has a variety of issues that are important to him or her: how a candidate's position impacts the economy and the way you do business, how your children are educated, health issues of importance, Constitutional rights, etc. So much to consider.  But that's what makes our country great:  we each have the right to make up our own mind based on our own priorities.  But it also makes it hard sometimes since there is so much information out there. 

    OSCPA's endorsement program, involves dozens of your peers, is an effort to help OSCPA members cut through some of that noise on your professional interests -- one more "tool" to add to other areas you care about in your "voter toolbox".   

    Barb Benton, OSCPA VP of Government Relations

  9. Chris Wagner | Apr 13, 2018
    One of the problems I have with these endorsements is that the Society considers only the candidate's position on business issues.  Sometimes I find that a candidate's social issues agenda can't be ignored even if he/she is in favor of not taxing CPA services.
  10. Ken | Apr 13, 2018
    Shameful of you endorsing John Becker after his campaign just slandered and attacked his opponent! Their mailer wassexist, attacked women and small business in Clermont County. You should be ashamed!!!!
  11. Mark Weikel | Apr 10, 2018
    Go GOP!

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