Health care news from around the web: April 16 – 20, 2018

Written on Apr 19, 2018

Ohio’s plan to add work requirements for Medicaid gets push back
Dozens of medical and social service lobbying groups are pushing back against Ohio Medicaid’s request to create work requirements for able-bodied adults covered through Medicaid expansion.

What health care info Facebook and other tech companies have on you
You might be surprised by how your online activities can reveal your health care info.

50 shades of healthcare: Bit by bit, the Affordable Care Act is being remade
As the Trump administration and some in Congress whittle away at the Affordable Care Act, blue states are filling in gaps in an attempt to bolster their markets. Others are picking up chainsaws.

MedPAC recommends big pay cuts for freestanding ERs
The American Hospital Association says the recommendation comes as hospitals are already grappling with record-low negative Medicare margins for services.

Tech Corner - What you don’t know about how Facebook uses your data
Facebook meticulously scrutinizes the minutiae of its users’ online lives, and its tracking stretches far beyond the company’s well-known targeted advertisements. Details that people often readily volunteer — age, employer, relationship status, likes and location — are just the start.

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