Online filing of quarterly unemployment tax reports

Written on Apr 20, 2018

Provided by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services

Most employers and third-party administrators already file their quarterly state unemployment tax reports online. Pursuant to a recent amendment to the Ohio Administrative Code, those that don’t must begin doing so with the first quarter 2018 reports, which are due by April 30, 2018.

The reports can be filed either through the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC) at or the Ohio Business Gateway (the Gateway) at ERIC allows employers and third-party administrators to manage all their business related to unemployment taxes online, including registering new businesses, filing quarterly reports and making tax payments. Whereas the Gateway simply allows Ohio employers to pay their unemployment taxes, as well as other state taxes, online.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services recognizes it may take some time for all employers to transition to electronic filing and therefore will continue to mail out forms to current paper filers for the first and second quarter of 2018. Beginning with the third quarter of 2018, only reminder post cards will be sent.

For any questions regarding unemployment tax quarterly reporting requirements please contact ODJFS Unemployment Tax Department at 614-466-2319.

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