Local firm management news from around the web: April 23 – 27, 2018

Written on Apr 25, 2018

What to know about the art of asking for referrals
Let’s face it, you work hard for your clients and most appreciate what you do. So how can you help them help you grow your practice?

IRS to turn over tax collection accounts to private collection agencies – watch out for scammers, though!
The IRS is beginning to assign certain unpaid tax accounts to private collection agencies. The accounts to be assigned to the private collection firms involve taxpayers who have not paid their taxes for many years and who should be well-aware of their unpaid taxes.

Bunching charitable donations after the new tax law
Changes to tax law make it less likely that individuals will have a tax benefit from making charitable contributions. Find out how to deal with these developments for individual taxpayers and not-for-profit organizations.

IRS computer glitch caused by 'master file' issue
A computer glitch at the IRS prevented the agency from accepting millions of tax returns, forcing a one-day extension of the filing deadline. The agency said a piece of hardware connected to the IRS's master file, the core processing system that holds all taxpayer information, went down.

Tech Corner – ‘Alexa, play my kid a podcast.' Parents look for screen-time alternatives
With all the warnings about the negative impact of screen time on children's weight, sleep patterns, and brain development, some parents are drawn to podcasts and smart speakers because they seem healthier.

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