Nonprofit news from around the web: April 23 – 27, 2018

Written on Apr 25, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting nonprofit news items from around the web.

Bunching charitable donations after the new tax law
Changes to tax law make it less likely that individuals will have a tax benefit from making charitable contributions. Find out how to deal with these developments for individual taxpayers and not-for-profit organizations.

Volunteer value up 2.3%, $24.69 an hour
The value of a volunteer hour continues to rise, up to $24.69 in 2017. The figure is a 2.3% increase from 2016 and is part of an overall 51.8% increase in the value of volunteer hours since 2001.

5 ways nonprofits struggle (and how to overcome them)
From burnout to poor storytelling, there are many difficulties in running a successful nonprofit. Here are some simple ways that some have found to get around their stickiest problems.

Countdown to GDPR: What associations should know
May 25 is the deadline for organizations to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and many are not prepared for this fundamental shift in how personal consumer information must be processed and secured. Here’s what you need to know as May approaches, especially if you’re behind the curve.

Tech Corner - ‘Alexa, play my kid a podcast.' Parents look for screen-time alternatives
With all the warnings about the negative impact of screen time on children's weight, sleep patterns and brain development, some parents are drawn to podcasts and smart speakers because they seem healthier.

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