Small business news from around the web: April 23 – 27, 2018

Written on Apr 25, 2018

Get ready for the next recession: 10 signs to watch for
U.S. growth is strong, unemployment is low and consumer confidence is high. Why should investors worry about a future recession? Because all those markers are “consistent with an economy entering the late stages of the business cycle,” and beyond that lies inflation, says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

Survey says: Your employees want coaching and mentoring
Upskilling and reskilling workers while maintaining performance levels is becoming an increasingly important priority as organizations prepare for the future of work. So what kinds of learning opportunities do workers want in the face of immense change?

Should you ditch the SEP-IRA for the better solo 401(k)?
The SEP-IRA has been considered the go-to choice for self-employed folks to slash their tax bills and save for retirement while 401(k)s were thought to be only for large corporations. Times have changed and today, Solo 401(k) plans are the new king of self-employed retirement plans.

Entrepreneurs on Trump's H-1B visa changes: 'This absolutely hurts my business'
Minor changes to U.S. visas, including the highly-prized H-1B, have had a major impact on businesses.

Tech Corner – ‘Alexa, play my kid a podcast.' Parents look for screen-time alternatives
With all the warnings about the negative impact of screen time on children's weight, sleep patterns, and brain development, some parents are drawn to podcasts and smart speakers because they seem healthier.

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